Saint Helena Catholic Church

Hobbs, New Mexico - Diocese of Las Cruces

Saint Helena Catholic Church is a community of believers. 

We believe in the teachings of Jesus Christ as they are told in the Bible and in Sacred Tradition of the Catholic Church. 

Saint Helena Catholic Church has a big campus with several buildings, but the church is not it's buildings it is the people, which become part of the body of Christ. 

We have several services during the week. In addition to the celebration of The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, or the Eucharist, parishioners receive other sacraments: Baptism, Reconciliation, Confirmation, Anointing of the Sick, and Matrimony.

Saint Helena celebrates our Catholic faith with great vitality, and follows the mysteries of the faith as suggested in the liturgical calendar. We believe that it is important to nourish our faith, and is essential to grow in Catholic theology; therefore, we have a variety of groups and ministries, which offer catechesis and opportunities to grow in the faith. 

We maintain a variety of Catholic Traditions, such as praying novenas, the recitation of the Holy Rosary, Eucharistic Adoration, and other traditions that celebrate the Hispanic culture, such as Quinceañeras, Posadas, and Matachines; during Our Lady of Guadalupe’s Feast Day.

Above all, St. Helena Catholic Church is a community that is centered in the love of our Lord Jesus Christ.

We invite you to visit our parish community and to join us to worship together!